3 Brand Stereotypes based on common branding mistakes

Mistake #1: “The empty brand”

Assuming that your brand is just a logo.

A logo is important because it is your business’s signature, but it is only a piece of what makes up your brand. Your brand is a collection of your unique business’s personality, mission, brand styling (unique combination of typography, graphics, imagery, and colors), mission, communications, and people.

Mistake #2: “The snowball brand”

Not using an updated brand standards guide.

Not having a brand standards manual in place is one of the most common mistakes that new businesses make. I like to call this “the snowball effect” – pretty soon, without brand standards, your brand will look different across every touchpoint (website, social, print, digital materials, presentations etc.). Get help regulating your brand’s style and messaging with a brand standards manual ASAP.

Mistake #3: “The skipped a foundation brand”

Not planning for brand growth.

Some businesses get stuck in a “Rebranding Cycle” and have trouble getting out of it. Investing in a brand can be expensive and the last thing your business wants to do is invest over and over because the foundation didn’t stick. Work with a brand strategist to layout the blueprint for brand growth from the beginning so your business has a clear map for building its brand.


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