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We’re the frosting to your cupcake. We’re the sweet jelly to your peanut butter. We’re the well you get the idea.

We help give your business the right visual “OOMPH” it needs to stand out in your market and attract more customers. Our creative solutions set you up for success by creating a visual vision for your business with custom logo design, branding, messaging, business website, social media guides, marketing assets, and more. We offer outside the box ideas at inside the box pricing. After all, who doesn’t love anything that comes in a box?

Small Businesses in the US

How is your business standing out? With all the choices consumers have, why you? What’s unique to your business and passion that you want everyone to know? This is where we come in, Bedro Brand Box is the first step to creating a visual identity that matches your passion.

Branding is our

Is your brand dry toast? Branding isn’t just a cool logo design, in fact, branding is SO MUCH MORE. It is the visual identity and strategy of messaging of how your business speaks to current and prospective customers. Did you know that your business is speaking before you even have the chance? Your logo, website, business assets, brochures, and social media are already talking, do you really know what they are saying?

Define your business from the start with a clear understanding and visual path for the future. And yeah, you totally need a really kickass logo!

Not sure where to start? No problem, we have pre-built Brand Boxes of creative services that are a great starting point. You can always customize your Brand Box services as the creative needs for your business change over time.

This month’s brand

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Branding in a

Bedro Brand Box takes away the headache of large agency processes by giving creative services in the most transparent and seamless experience possible for your business… in a box.

You can build your brand box based on what your business needs NOW without making you pay for hourly designer fees. 

  • FREE! Brand Assessment
  • Branding Moodboards
  • Logo Packages
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Philosophy & Tone
  • Logo Animations
  • App Prototype Designs
  • Stunning WordPress Website
  • Social Media Branding
  • Business Cards
  • Pitch Decks
  • Product Packaging
  • Corporate Brochures


What does your dream business look like?

Do something good for your brand and contact us for a brand consultation. 

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