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Here to help guide you on your branding journey


Define your passion from the start with a clear visual path for the future. We work together to discover your personality and unique voice to create a foundation for your future brand growth. From logos to messaging, we do it all!


We make your brand come to life with a unique and beautiful website that celebrates your products, services, and mission. We use the WordPress platform to create the most visually impactful site for your visitors.


Need materials that showcase your products and services in a polished and dynamic way? Need an impressive presentation to wow your next client? Need creative ideas for your next social or digital campaign? We’ve got you covered, no matter the creative request.


From custom graphic and logo animations to commercial scripts and storyboards, we can help your passion come to life on screen.

We can do a lot of different creative services, but,

our jam

Is your brand dry toast? Branding isn’t just a cool logo design, in fact, branding is SO MUCH MORE. It is the visual identity and strategy of messaging of how your business speaks to current and prospective customers. Did you know that your business is speaking before you even have the chance? Your logo, website, business assets, brochures, and social media are already talking, do you really know what they are saying?

Define your business from the start with a clear understanding and visual path for the future. And yeah, you totally need a really good looking logo!



Branding has changed + -

The world has changed in just the past year, let alone 10 years. Traditional branding has shifted from primarily products and services to now people. More and more professionals are requiring a unique digital presence and personal brand to remain competitive. 

The bedro mindset + -

“I believe in a “together is always better” business model – you and I will be partners in your business’s branding success. This just means that your input on what we create for your business is incredibly valuable. After all, for your business to be successful, you will be LIVING your new brand and Bedro Brand Box is merely the secret weapon to help get you to that point!” - Kelly Bedrossian, The Brand Boss


Why work with Bedro? + -

Bedro Brand Box takes away the headache of large agency processes by giving creative services in the most transparent and seamless experience possible. With more than a decade of professional agency branding and marketing experience, Kelly has held many creative leadership positions including Chief Creative Offer and Chief Marketing Officer for medium-sized privately held marketing agencies in the Washington, DC area.

Creativity is a passion + -

We don't do cookie cutter work here, being creative is a skill that constantly needs nurturing and Bedro Brand Box gives your business undivided creative attention on every project.

We don't do ads... + -

Advertising has to do with the paid side of marketing. We don't manage client's money to push in paid channels like Paid Search, Social Ads, or other Paid Media. We do however, come up with great creative concepts and messaging for campaigns.


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Five-Star Quality Creative

"BedroBrandBox delivered five-star quality products for my business. Because of her eye for design, color palettes and imagery, the WilsonChapman branding now conveys my personality and the high-quality of consulting services that I’m offering to leaders around the world."

Markiesha W Business Owner

Beyond my creative expectations

"I needed a brand for my Real Estate business and I never imagined how much Kelly could align with my vision and personality. PURE PERFECTION!

Leona B Business Owner

I feel lucky to have been introduced to Bedro Brand Box

"Kelly did such an amazing job with one project that we gave her a second. What stands out to me is how quickly she produces REALLY high quality brand concepts. I feel lucky to have been introduced to Bedro Brand Box"

- Michael S- Non-Profit Founder & Business Owner