Creative Gifts your Clients will LOVE

Here are some top gift Ideas we know your clients will love… 

The goal is to make your clients, customers, and/or sponsors feel appreciated and thought of for the success they have brought to your business this year. With remote working still a large majority for companies across the nation, here are thoughtful ideas for both physical AND digital gift sending.

Think about your brand first, then choose a gift that aligns most with who you are and what you want to say to your clients. Setting a budget will also help you narrow down your top gift ideas – going digital is a great way to still share a thoughtful message to your clients and save your business more time and money this season.

However, if your business was fortunate this year – why not share a little more joy by sending one of our creative gift ideas.

Please note: Bedro Brand Box does not receive any benefit from the companies or products listed below, these are merely options to help you in your gift-giving research.

Creative Gift Ideas

Co-Branded Gifts

A great way to show that you have enjoyed the client relationship this past year is to feature your partnership on custom branded gifts. If you don’t have their logo already, see if you can find your client’s logo online or ask for a high res version of their logo. Then simply upload your business’ brand and your client’s brand together using a popular online Print-on-demand company. Check out these top co-branding ideas for holiday gifts:

  • Branded Ornament
  • Mug
  • Branded Yearly Planner
  • Sticky Notes & Pen

Print on Demand Online:





Tea and Coffee Assortment

Let’s face it, sending alcohol to a client is getting more and more taboo! Certainly, some clients will love a bottle of wine, but unless it is expensive and of great quality – don’t waste your money on sending something that you don’t know they are going to like. Instead, consider sending a thoughtful arrangement of teas or coffees. Odds are that they will appreciate this more and it will last longer in their office or home.

You can find great tea and coffee arrangements right through Amazon. To elevate this gift to the next step, consider using your business’ own branded wrapping, cards, and mailers to make this gift even more high end.

This gift is also one that you can send in the month of January as a thoughtful gesture for looking forward to their business in the new year.


Succulent Arrangement

Succulents are increasing in popularity. You can even find them at checkout counters in popular stores. They are a great gift because they last for such a long time with little care! Succulents are also gender-neutral, which makes them an easy choice for all of your clients. Choose an online distributor that will create a custom arrangement for you and one that will allow you to send a customized message with the arrangement.

Succulent Bar


Image from Succulent Bar – SucculentBarStore.com


Digital Gift Ideas

Although we would all love to mail our clients thoughtful gifts, some small businesses can’t afford to do so this year – and that’s OK! There are so many creative ideas that are digitally sent which in the end will save your business time and money. And we all love more of those!


Holiday Donations

Most likely there is a cause that is near and dear to you. Why not make this a part of your brand by letting your customers know? This season, make donations in your clients’ names and send them a personalized communication that lets them know their business meant a lot to you and now you are paying it forward. You will be spreading awareness about a cause that means a lot to you and your business while sharing a message of gratitude at the same time.


Referral Program Launch

The months December – February is the perfect time to launch a referral program for your customers. Your clients are already thinking about their business plans for the new year. Consider launching a referral program that allows your customers to save money on their next service with you. Ever hear of the phrase, “Like Attracts Like”? Give your best customers a more aggressive incentive to refer your business and most likely they will know other businesses like theirs, OR people like them, that need your services as well. It’s a win, win. Clients that enjoyed your business would love the opportunity to refer you and save on your services in the process.


FREE Check-In Consultation

For past clients that you have enjoyed working with, but haven’t spoken to in a while, consider sending them a personalized communication that says you would like to spend some 1-on-1 time checking in on their progress before the New Year. During this personal call, you can give them well wishes, introduce them to new product offerings, or just say a friendly hello. They may want to refer you and of course will be appreciative that you are interested in their success. Don’t go into this call with any expectations, but know that this may help you down the road in the next year when they think about using your services again.


Food Delivery Gift Card

With more people working remotely than ever before, sending digital gift cards for food delivery is a gift that your clients will use and love! This gift is easy to obtain, and even easier to send via email. Just make sure you send a personal note in the email explaining your gratitude for their business.

Food Delivery Gift Cards

Grubhub Gift Cards

Doordash Gift Cards

Postmates Gift Card