New Workshop Coming 2021


Exploring the Art of Personal Definition

Encouragement. Brand Rejuvenation. Clarity.

This upcoming workshop is a fully online learning experience with audio lessons, worksheets, and more for women that want to learn how to define their personal brand for not only their business but also learn to define their messaging to be a consistent expression of their life’s mission.

Virtual Sessions Coming Soon!

Learn how your personality and character all play a huge role in your brand’s foundation. In this course, you will explore and put together your brand’s character.

Do you ever find yourself drawn to certain analogies, metaphors, or even elements in nature? In this lesson you will learn how create a visual vision for your brand with powerful connections that resonate with who you are.

Knowing what you don’t offer and knowing who you don’t want to be is just as important as discovering who your brand is and what you do offer. Learn to align your products and services with your brand’s mission and goals.

Learn how your character translates to different tones and messaging styles for your brand. Develop a unique voice with actionable tools to help you define and translate your brand consistently.

Create an actionable vision plan for your brand across popular communication channels.

In this session, we will define your brand’s limitations and learn how to spot potential roadblocks.

Work to define the most powerful marketing channels for your brand and learn what to share about your brand that will make an impact.

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