Fall Mashup with Top Design Trends of 2020

We’ve mixed the intriguing and comforting hues of fall with our favorite top 3 design trends of 2020.

Did you know that Fall is the favorite season for Americans?

According to the survey data from YouGov, fall is the favorite season of the nation, with 29% responding that they prefer an autumnal climate. A winter chill is only preferred by 7% of us”.

If you’re one of the many who dream of pumpkin everything and live for the foliage, then consider adopting fall into your business’s branding this season. Here are a few design fall color palettes we’ve created that will make you FALL in love with your brand campaigns.

If your brand already has a strict core group of colors, consider running a shorter campaign with just a few of these fall trends to complement your brand during 


Gradients are all the rage in 2020! A gradient is the smooth transition from one color to the next creating an impactful and playful look. You’ll notice our Bedro Brand Box logo even celebrates this trend!

Here is our fall branding mashup with the 2020 Gradient Trend:

TREND MASHUP #TWO: 1990s Neon.

Although it’s the year 2020, it seems the 90s are resurfacing everywhere we look – in haircuts, in clothing, and now in design. Here’s how to SPICE up your fall campaign palette to stay on trend with the famous neon colors of the 1990s.

Here is our fall branding mashup with the 2020 Neon Trend:


With the Instagram influencers and recipe bloggers saturating the online marketplace, it’s no wonder softer branding has become its own style. This year we’re seeing more unique and handwritten script fonts blended with metallic touches in social posts and retail marketing campaigns. Consider adding this gorgeous fall palette to your fall campaign or posts this fall season.

Here is our fall branding mashup with the 2020 Metallic Trend:

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