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Brand Refresh in 60Brand Refresh in 60 – Boundaries

Brand Refresh in 60 – Boundaries

This Brand Refresh is all about setting the boundaries for your brand.

It’s important to explore EVERYTHING you do NOT want to be mistaken for. In order to know who you want to be, it’s just as important to know who you don’t want to be.

Today’s exercise will help you see where your brand does NOT want to go.

Here is a simple list of examples of what to write down and explore.

  • First, similar businesses or brands that you don’t want to be mistaken for and why…
  • Second, services that are typically associated with your business but you do not want to offer and why…
  • Lastly, write down personalities that you see associated with similar brands and businesses that you do not want to emulate and why…

Be as specific as possible, the more you know exactly who you don’t want to be will help bring to light the right brand for you.