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Brand Refresh in 60

Brand Refresh in 60 – Awareness

This Brand Refresh is going back to the brand basics.

Being aware of your brand personality is a pivotal key to your success.

This refresher is about finding the CORE of YOU and your business’s character.

The exercise today will help you find the essence of your personality and what’s important to you which will start laying the foundation of your brand.

Get Started and write 3 words or phrases that describe you and your business. Try to stick to adjectives or descriptive words that resonate with you the most.

Are you refined or expressive?

Are you structured or creative?

Are you a leader or a rebel?

Are you inspirational or practical?

You may have other words that resonate with you but narrowing it down will force you to refine and align.

Having awareness of who you are at your CORE will help you realign your brand this year for stronger consistency in your future communications.